Author: drteak

FAQs, Oh Please!

The most frequently asked question I get from customers is that they wish they could see what is going on in the shop. I am

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Companionway Doors

While companionway doors are not a substitution for the drop boards, it is important to pick a robust design. We offer both teak and plastic,

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Cockpit Floors

My just-finished set of cockpit floor grates for Paul Brother’s Catalina 320. If you have never had floor boards or grates for the cockpit, they

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Thank You

Thank you to all my customers who contacted us this year. It was a robust year in sales especially in customized requests for Companionway Doors,

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Happy Holidays

We will be in the shop until Wednesday including this weekend. The Elves are working all out on your gifts and requests. We will furnish

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The Holidays

If you are thinking of giving a gift from us and fear that we can not make it in time and ship it, most often

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The Holiday Rush

Just a reminder that orders placed early help deliveries by Xmas for cockpit tables, companionway doors, and retrofit windows. Thanks, Mike

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Annapolis Boat Show

Just got back from the Annapolis Boat Show. I would say it was a good boat show with more booths than ever and the boats

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