doors for catalina sailboats

Companionway Doors

Our Companionway Doors can be built for any size of Catalina Sailboat upgrade project or new installation (as well as other makes of sailboats). They offer easier access than hatchboards as well as allow light into the interior through light gray-bronze tinted windows with or without screens. The doors are made from solid teak, 3/4″ minimum standard, and are mounted with half-hinges allowing doors to be easily removed and stored as needed.   Our assembly kit also includes a hasp, installation tools, and instructions.

catalina sailboat doors

Our Companionway Doors

Cruising Concepts specializes in the custom crafting of companionway doors from teak, starboard plastic, or acrylic materials with an emphasis on aesthetic appeal and functionality.  Our companionway doors are also built to industry standards and are highly durable, guaranteed to hold you in good stead through all but the most severe weather.  Our highly experienced designer crafts each set of doors to the customer’s exact specifications and we can supply a set of doors for any recreational sailboat upgrades or other boat improvement projects.  Catalina sailboats are an area of special expertise for us and we offer several exclusive designs for all sizes of Catalina sailboat

Our longtime experience with teak wood enables us to offer custom inlaid design services.  Cruising Concepts can handle any designs the customer would like and are proud of the detail and variety we can deliver.  All of our doors are precision crafted with hands-on finishing; we also offer customized plate, door handle, and locking mechanism covers, guaranteeing that your doors are secure and safe without losing any of their aesthetic symmetry.  We can also design doors with additional hinges, although we recommend our two-sided, four hinge design as the best balance between stability and weight.