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Companionway Doors Install Kits Now Have All Three Locks, Hasp, Keyed, and Combination

Cruising Concepts will now ship as standard locks of all three types for their doors in one kit. This will include the traditional thick SS hasp, the marine rated keyed system , and the combination lock. This will apply to Beneteau, Catalina, Hunters, and all other makes. This will save time and money for all. more »

One More Happy Customer

Hi Mike, I love, love, love my doors. Terry Frazier more »

Door Installation

Pierrick of chocolate, and very good chocolate, wrote of his door installation as follows: Mike; Monsieur Mike of the doors…. I received the doors and all the accessories in perfect condition. Thank you. The strand board door would not fit properly in its grove, because of the boat imperfections. Geometry is never followed to more »

The Most Asked Question: How Do Your Doors Differ From Others?

To answer this question I talk about workmanship practices, quality of materials, and design philosophy. Under workmanship practices all hinge flaps and screws are hidden except the barrel of the hinge. Hidden hinges denote an elegant approach to any construction by caring about your technique and installation. And yes it costs more. The aesthetic gain more »

Companionway Doors for the Island Packet submitted by owner Neal Doten

Island Packet 38 Companionway Doors Island Packet 38 Companionway doors Island Packet 38 Companionway Doors Mike, good afternoon . . . I just finished submitting a write-up on the Island Packet website. I created a gallery of photos to go with it. I don’t know if you can access the forum entry or the gallery, more »

Companionway Doors

While companionway doors are not a substitution for the drop boards, it is important to pick a robust design. We offer both teak and plastic, Starboard, doors. Teak is the strongest hands down over the plastic as the plastic yields under very little force. That is why we use a 3/4 by 1 3/4 weather more »

Door Compliment, Tartan 3400

Rich Vale Jun 21 (3 days ago) to me Mike, perfect fit! Superb craftsmanship. Thank you, Rich Vale. more »

Companionway Doors

Mike,   The doors came and they’re gorgeous, many thanks!  J  Now I’ve got to figure out how get them installed – I’ll give you a call if I need some inspiration.   Thanks, – Tim   more »

Starboard Doors for Beneteau

Yesterday one of my very astute repeat customers found this picture of a Beneteau 36.7 and passed it on to me. He had ordered a set of teak doors from Cruising Concepts for his former Catalina and was very happy with them. He has just bought a new Beneteau 36.7 and wanted a new set more »

Starboard Doors

Starboard Doors are Companionway Doors made from HDPE, high density poly ethylene, and is offered under many trade names. The most common uses are for Companionway Doors, Cockpit Tables, and 4 Mug Binocular holders. It is extremely durable and holds screw threads remarkably well. Our most popular color is polar white. We have been making more »

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