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Happy Customer

We always appreciate your comments. It lets us know how we are doing and what we can do better:   Mike Just writing to let

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Finishing With Teak Oil

If you are interested in a satin finish requiring low maintenance then an oil finish is the way to go. After the penetrating oil for

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Finishing Teak 2.0

We have already gotten to the point of having finished with the penetrating oil and letting it cure. The next step is to decide whether

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Finishing Teak Part 1.5

Finishing teak will be discussed next after the applications of Ship N Shore. First the sealing coats must be dry. This is easily detected with

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Oil Finishes for Teak

In preparing for oil finishes I use Daly’s Seafin “Ship N Shore” penetrating oil before any other finishing. After sanding I apply a soaking coat

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Companionway Doors

Sometimes just a few words says it all: “What a beautiful job!! Now I just have to install it. Bob” Bob had decided to go

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