Catalina 320 Cockpit Floor Grates Including Swim Step

My just-finished set of cockpit floor grates for Paul Brother’s Catalina 320. If you have never had floor boards or grates for the cockpit, they are a joy to have. Not only do they look elegant but they are very functional. First the dirt from your shoes or feet fall below the boards or grates. You will notice the companionway threshold, steps inside the cabin, and inside cabin floor stays clean. For those of us who have a swim step you can dip or hose off all that sand and dirt from your shoes before entering into the cockpit area. Showering on the aft swim step or in the cockpit is pleasing not having to stand in the water and soap. Washing down the decks is a breeze as you lift each segment up starting forward. Lastly it feels wonderful to the bare feet and you are not walking on wet decks.


Cockpit Tables

Hi Everyone, Negligent I have been for not blogging. My only excuse is being very busy covering everyone’s orders for the new years. The most

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Door Installation

Pierrick of chocolate, and very good chocolate, wrote of his door installation as follows: Mike; Monsieur Mike of the doors…. I received the doors

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Catalina Retrofit Hatches

With more Retrofit Hatches in production I would like to share the reasons for buying them. The most often cited reason by customers is for

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Retrofit Window Testing

Before leaving October 1st for the Annapolis Boat Show,a customer called me from Florida eager to inform us that his windows have not leaked after

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