-Flush Mounted Hinges, stainless steel

-7/8″ solid teak tables made from one plank for elegance

-First European Quality teak 

-End caps add longevity

-Auto-locking stainless steel supports for 200 lb. support

-Inlays are available.  Boat logos, Compass Roses, Mermaids

-Custom Sizes available.  CALL US! 

Catalina 30 Companionway Doors-2

Companionway doors for boats are also available made from solid teak, 3/4″ minimum standard, and mounted with half-hinges allowing boat doors and sailboat doors to be easily removed and stored as needed. Kit also includes a hasp, installation tools and instructions.

For Teak Companionway Doors

Cockpit Tables

Hi Everyone, Negligent I have been for not blogging. My only excuse is being very busy covering everyone’s orders for the new years. The most

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Door Installation

Pierrick of chocolate, and very good chocolate, wrote of his door installation as follows: Mike; Monsieur Mike of the doors…. I received the doors

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Catalina Retrofit Hatches

With more Retrofit Hatches in production I would like to share the reasons for buying them. The most often cited reason by customers is for

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Retrofit Window Testing

Before leaving October 1st for the Annapolis Boat Show,a customer called me from Florida eager to inform us that his windows have not leaked after

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