Finishing teak will be discussed next after the applications of Ship N Shore.

First the sealing coats must be dry. This is easily detected with the palm of the hand touching the wood surface. If the first impression is a coolness to the touch then it can go another day of drying. The assumption is that the dryers are below the surface, evaporating, and cooling the surface. With has much as I apply and soak in upfront several days may be afforded as hurrying up with the first coat of oil simply keeps the oil from curing as fast as it might go. It would seem that the more time up front for curing those first penetrating coats, the faster the next  coats of oil will really be dry the next day. If the oil is cool at the surface just adding another coat in a hurry will disturb the surface below leaving a rough feeling the next day and yet you had sanded it the day before.

That First Coat of Oil:




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