After all the sanding and polishing to the desired finish often I will apply a wax as not only a sealer but as a non stick surface. Too often a hinged leaf may make contact with the varnished edge of the main table. The problem is that the two finished surfaces will stick and bond to each other ruining the finish. A waxy surface cures that. All so when shipping many surface may contact each other. Certainly paper towel can be put between the surfaces but a coat of wax just gets rid of the worry of the paper sticking as the new surfaces continue to degas. Watco Dark finishing wax adds to any of the oil or varnished surface a degree of a rich finish even though the way is labeled as satin.

Cockpit Tables

Hi Everyone, Negligent I have been for not blogging. My only excuse is being very busy covering everyone’s orders for the new years. The most

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Door Installation

Pierrick of chocolate, and very good chocolate, wrote of his door installation as follows: Mike; Monsieur Mike of the doors…. I received the doors

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Catalina Retrofit Hatches

With more Retrofit Hatches in production I would like to share the reasons for buying them. The most often cited reason by customers is for

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